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Protecting the health of your community

The Future of Handwashing
Our Story

95% of people do not wash their hands correctly. Handwashing is important because 80% of preventable diseases are spread through touch. City Health Tech was born from the ambitious dream to use technology to mitigate this challenge.

Our Mission

To use technology to build healthier communities and mitigate the spread of infectious diseases globally.


City Health Tech provides a wireless-connected handwashing device and IoT platform to help promote healthier handwashing habits while collecting pertinent handwashing data to help communities live healthier.

Who are we
How it works



Detects a user as they approach the sink​

Recognizes as user puts their hands in sink bowl

Plays engaging animation for the duration of handwashing

Indicates end of handwashing

Collects and transmits data wirelessly to cloud server


Transmitted data is aggregated in secure database server

Secure web application to allow stakeholders interact with data sets collected

Dashboard provides insights on handwashing times, foot traffic and employee compliance

Application of data models to infer trends from data collected


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One sink at a time.

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