City Health Tech Raises $150K, Boosting Access to Opal Technologies in the COVID-19 Age

Feb 1, 2021

Chicago, IL, May 2021 — City Health Tech, a healthcare technology startup committed to decreasing the spread of infectious diseases through the development of cutting-edge hand washing technology, today announced $150K in new capital funding after its first prototype device deployment in November 2019.

The $150K angel investment was made by a Northwestern University alumnus and a former entrepreneur who chooses to remain anonymous. This new capital investment will allow City Health Tech to build out the infrastructure and deployment of its leading IoT hand washing device to curtail the spread of disease and contribute to healthier communities globally.

“The problem is topical and both Ibraheem and Wole have a fierce commitment to solving the problem. But more than that, the potential of their solution could be astounding.” he said. City Health Tech’s forefront IoT integrated wireless hand washing device provides better hand washing efficiency and efficacy, promoting healthier hand hygiene and stronger communities. Opal’s wireless connectivity allows for the seamless and secure transmission of hand washing data in real time, providing schools and organizations with disinfection and cleanliness analytics, quantifying a formerly immeasurable and unseen activity. With Opal technology, our schools and communities are closer to achieving a healthy and clean society, mitigating the risk of disease spread.

“20 seconds is singing the Happy Birthday song twice,” said Ibraheem Alinur, Chief Executive Office of City Health Tech. “We knew there must be a better way - so we invented it.” Irewole Akande, Chief Technology Officer of City Health Tech, adds, “The status quo is no longer acceptable, we need to encourage people to change their behavior towards public health if we ever want to safeguard our communities.”

City Health Tech also understands that health practices post-COVID-19 will look much different than before the pandemic began. With amplified concerns surrounding public health safety in schools, businesses, restaurants, and general everyday activities, preventative healthcare will be at the forefront of the public mind. These amplified concerns make preventative health technologies like Opal crucial to curb the spread of disease and ease the minds of the public.

City Health Tech is a Public Health Tech startup building the future of disease prevention technology.

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